Build A 5150

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Build your custom handmade neck from a variety of unique choices in our build menu.  If you have any questions about this item or are looking for something special that you don’t see offered in our store contact us at  Butala Custom Shop Guitars. Check out our support page for details regarding build time .Thanks

Our current 5150 neck is considered by many replica builders to be the most accurate rendition available for order of the famous hand cut Kramer 5150 style banana neck  and here at Butala Custom Guitars we don’t believe in a one size fits all when it comes to guitar necks so it’s fully customizable to get you your favorite specs while still looking like the original.

Our 5150 comes with the correct spec headstock , tuner layout and “skunk stripe” on its rear as well as an available dual action truss rod with vintage slotted adjuster located at the heel that is installed in the correct location to look just like the original.

The Beak to 5150 conversion option is true to the original that started life as a Beak or Strathead neck. The tuner holes are filled and additional material is added to the headstock in order to be reshaped into the 5150 style headstock. The main difference between our version and the original is that we use the same material ie. maple  that the neck is made from for the additional headstock material.

Due to limited availability of larger size quartersawn maple at this time all banana style headstocks will no longer be one piece but will have the headstock made by laminating additional quartersawn maple to the side or sides of the headstock. Material used for additional material will be from the same piece of wood to try and match color and grain pattern to be as close as possible.

This order form is for a 22 fret neck constructed from a neck shaft which features an attached fingerboard (2-piece neck)

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