Build A Tiltback HG80

Starting at $250.00

Build your custom handmade neck from a variety of unique choices in our build menu.  If you have any questions about this item or are looking for something special that you don’t see offered in our store contact us at  Butala Custom Shop Guitars. Check out our support page for details regarding build time .Thanks

This order form is for  a 22 or 24 fret neck constructed with a scarf joint where the headstock is laminated on an angle to the  neck shaft with  an attached fingerboard (3-piece neck construction) .

Standard features include a dual action truss rod with 4mm adjuster at headstock .

Headstock shape is same as our regular HG80 banana style necks based on the original Kramer “Holy Grail” and ESP versions of the banana neck or the 5150 style headstock only the headstock is  angled or tilted back.

  • We are currently out of stock on standard grade ebony and as soon as it becomes available it will be added to the options list.  We  have some Richlite Black as an option for replacement to the ebony in the meantime,  my apologies for any inconvenience

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